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Novelty Bath Fizzer Asst.

Cat design

Size: 7*8*2.2cm, weight: 100g

Purple colour use lavender scent

Unicorn design

Size: 8*8*4cm, weight: 100g

Pale pink colour use strawberry & cream scent

Mermaid tail design

Size: 11*7*2.5cm, weight: 100g

TBC colour use sweet sherbert scent

Tow tone ball design

Size: dia5.5cm, weight: 100g

Pink and blue mixed colour use sweet citurus / lemon scent

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Novelty Bath Fizzer

Unit Sell Package: print foil bag

OEM & ODM available

CPL aroma

Full test: CPSR, MSDS, IFRA, Allergen Analysis

GMP & BSCI factory